Bridal Vintage Inspired styled photoshoot

  • Posted on 21st April 2015,
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Bridal Vintage Inspired styled photoshoot

A Fantastic collaboration in the South West to showcase some talented individuals plus what the region has to offer for weddings. All of the props shown in these photos are available at Sara Storm photography Studios. Just ask when making a booking.


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SaraStormPhotography-7148-2 SaraStormPhotography-7193-2 SaraStormPhotography-7226-2

SaraStormPhotography-7179-2 SaraStormPhotography-7185-2 SaraStormPhotography-7205-2 SaraStormPhotography-7209-2

SaraStormPhotography-7291-2 SaraStormPhotography-7300-2 SaraStormPhotography-7321-2

SaraStormPhotography-7374-2 SaraStormPhotography-7247-2 SaraStormPhotography-7444-2

SaraStormPhotography-7408-2 SaraStormPhotography-7426-2 SaraStormPhotography-7433-2 SaraStormPhotography-7455-2


Thank you to the following creatives! <3 You can find them all on Facebook, or feel free to ask me for their details.

Models: David Lewis & Emily Wintle

Makeup: Urban Makeup Artistry

Hair: Kara Thompson

Photography Assistant: Brooke Fields

Styling and decor: Sara Storm Urban

Photography and retouching: Sara Storm Photography

Locations: South west of W.Australia