Giant Ladders and Endless beauty

  • Posted on 30th October 2015,
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Giant Ladders and Endless beauty

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It was a stunning day down in Donnybrook W.A

Since our last collaboration Natalie (Lulu and Vee designer) and I had been back and forward with ideas about the next shoot we would do, the inspiration was originally a Japanese cherry blossom field and then ended up with a twist of beautiful boho which is something I am in love with at the moment.

Natalie organised the wonderful models Chelsea and Darci from Cm model management and Talecia was found in the audience at a runway show.

The girls were so wonderful in front of the lens and we all frolicked about in the apple blossoms laughing until the last sun was playfully swishing between the leaves.

Giant ladders and endless beauty, Natalie yet again had created masterpieces with her designs and chosen the perfect models to showcase her designs.

One funny thing that I will forever remember about this shoot is those weird little flying bugs that tickle like spiders legs, and get caught up in all the tulle the amount of times I danced like a ninja thinking tiny spiders were about to plan an invasion on my skin.

Thanks again ladies for the most incredible Friday Afternoon in Donnybrook the drive there was just as spectacular as all of you <3 Sara



Talecia Mcmillan

CM Management

Chelsea Griffiths

Darci Jane Mills

Designer/Stylist: Lulu and Vee (Natalie Angus)

Hair Stylist: Natalie Angus

Makeup Artist: Gemma Collins Makeup Artist

Assistant Kate Suddell

Photographer/retouching: Sara Storm Photography