Sophie and Shem’s New Zealand Destination Wedding

  • Posted on 28th February 2015,
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Sophie and Shem’s New Zealand Destination Wedding

It was a sunny morning in the wine region of North Canterbury, Waipara. The day was full of excitement as Sophie and Shem spent the morning with each of their large families preparing for the day of incredible performances and show stopping stories, oh and in amongst all of the entertainment, we had a wedding, a wedding that I had the pleasure of photographing. It was such an emotional ceremony and here are some moments captured miraculously through my tear soaked camera.

This was a wedding like no other.

Shem and Sophie, with help from family and friends planned the whole wedding themselves, lots of creativity and thought went into every little detail.

SaraStormPhotography-41 SaraStormPhotography-55 SaraStormPhotography-64 SaraStormPhotography-86 SaraStormPhotography-88 SaraStormPhotography-93 SaraStormPhotography-98 SaraStormPhotography-151 SaraStormPhotography-2299 SaraStormPhotography-2307 SaraStormPhotography-2314 SaraStormPhotography-3420

SaraStormPhotography-2 SaraStormPhotography-2343 SaraStormPhotography-2347 SaraStormPhotography-2353 SaraStormPhotography-2384 SaraStormPhotography-2407 SaraStormPhotography-3471 SaraStormPhotography-3472 SaraStormPhotography-3477 SaraStormPhotography-3485 SaraStormPhotography-3500 SaraStormPhotography-3505 SaraStormPhotography-3517 SaraStormPhotography-3518 SaraStormPhotography-3535  SaraStormPhotography-3584

The ceremony commenced in a park 5 minutes from their home. But the guests were in for a surprise, as the first ceremony placement was a hoax, and the guests were soon asked to follow the groomsmen into the woods along a carefully laid out path filled with ivy, a perfect setting for a magical ceremony where Sophie and Shem’s family combined to sing a perfect harmony a surprise acapella song that had everyone covered in goosebumps and in true awe of the surroundings and in the preciousness of what was unfolding.SaraStormPhotography-46    SaraStormPhotography-3600       SaraStormPhotography-3657-2 SaraStormPhotography-3660 SaraStormPhotography-3671

SaraStormPhotography-3721 SaraStormPhotography-3704 SaraStormPhotography-3690SaraStormPhotography-3745 SaraStormPhotography-3739 SaraStormPhotography-149SaraStormPhotography-158 SaraStormPhotography-157

The guests then celebrated with an afternoon tea while we went off for a picnic and some lovely location photos around the local area. Most of the places we found by chance and the caravan and truck were a godsend, totally suited Sophie and Shem’s theme.SaraStormPhotography-3-6-2 SaraStormPhotography-0020-2 SaraStormPhotography-0027-2 SaraStormPhotography-0033-2 SaraStormPhotography-0040-2 SaraStormPhotography-0052-2 SaraStormPhotography-0056-2 SaraStormPhotography-72-2 SaraStormPhotography-0112-2 SaraStormPhotography-0115-2 SaraStormPhotography-0118-2 SaraStormPhotography-0135-2 SaraStormPhotography-0145-2 SaraStormPhotography-0184-2 SaraStormPhotography-0213-2 SaraStormPhotography-0217-2 SaraStormPhotography-0247-2 SaraStormPhotography-0271-2 SaraStormPhotography-0285-2 SaraStormPhotography-0300-2 SaraStormPhotography-0338-2 SaraStormPhotography-0347-2 SaraStormPhotography-0355-2 SaraStormPhotography-0368-2 SaraStormPhotography-0371-2 SaraStormPhotography-0392-2 SaraStormPhotography-0394-2 SaraStormPhotography-4040-2 SaraStormPhotography-4050-2 SaraStormPhotography-4064-2 SaraStormPhotography-4107-2 SaraStormPhotography-4114-2 SaraStormPhotography-4117-2 SaraStormPhotography-4120-2 SaraStormPhotography-4141-2 SaraStormPhotography-4147-2

SaraStormPhotography-2-3-2 SaraStormPhotography-2-17 SaraStormPhotography-2-18 SaraStormPhotography-2-34 SaraStormPhotography-2-35 SaraStormPhotography-2-41-2 SaraStormPhotography-5-2-2 SaraStormPhotography-6-2-2 SaraStormPhotography-164-2 SaraStormPhotography-172 SaraStormPhotography-184 SaraStormPhotography-188 SaraStormPhotography-189-2 SaraStormPhotography-195-2 SaraStormPhotography-196-2

The reception was held at Shem’s family home under a massive white marquee all decorated by hand by the bride and groom and family members. Sophie and Shem arrived and then sang a duet with Shem playing the piano, it was beautiful the whole day was just a blessing to be  a part of, thank you for having me :)

SaraStormPhotography-2 SaraStormPhotography-2-2 SaraStormPhotography-4 SaraStormPhotography-6 SaraStormPhotography-14 SaraStormPhotography-17 SaraStormPhotography-18 SaraStormPhotography-30 SaraStormPhotography-32 SaraStormPhotography-34 SaraStormPhotography-97 SaraStormPhotography-104 SaraStormPhotography-110

SaraStormPhotography-122 SaraStormPhotography-148 SaraStormPhotography-206 SaraStormPhotography-210 SaraStormPhotography-4223

What a fantastic end to this destination wedding, if you are interested in our destination packages please email us.



Photography: Sara Storm Urban

Photography Assistants: Ira Redeppening and Robbie Simpson

Hair Stylist: Solly Love , Aniwa Urwin (assistants Sioban and Christina)

Makeup Artists: Aniwa Urwin

Brides dress: Handmade

Bridesmaid dresses: Handmade

Flower girls dresses: Dotti

Groomsmen attire: Y.D

Flowers: Anniebrook flower emporium, Wildwood.

Cake Maker: Sarah Wittwer (Sophie’s younger amazingly talented sister)